Thursday, March 19, 2009

"You should be happy..."

Hi again!
How's everyone doing?
I wanted to start off this time by talking about a phrase that I've been hearing a lot lately: "These days (in these economic times, right now...), you should just be happy you have a job, any job." On the surface, it looks like this is meant to encourage us to look on the bright side of things, be happy for what we have, not worry about striving or struggling over how we could be better off. Generally, this is probably how it's meant, by those who utter these types of catch phrases in a well intentioned attempt to make others feel good about themselves. What does this phrase really say to us, though & how does it often end up being used by the not so well intentioned? I have been finding, that all too often, this is a way to keep us from striving for something more. That we shouldn't look beyond where we are & try for something better suited. It is often used by those in charge as a way to keep employees in check. Don't step out of bounds, don't believe yourself worthy of that promotion (or better position elsewhere), don't question the questionable. There are too many others waiting to take your place (seemingly better suited, possibly friends, relatives or acquaintances, that those in charge would rather see succeed) to take the chance. It's too risky for you. Workplace abuse seems to be on the rise & economic fear is used to perpetuate & justify the practice. Employers don't have to be on their best behavior to attract or keep staff members, employees are too abundant. This is a sad & disheartening state of affairs, to me. Like I said above, I don't believe the everyone is this heartless only that this is a too huge of an opportunity for those that are.
So, that is that.
On to happier things...

This week I finished several new items for my shop:
1. a new framed embroidery featuring a dragon, peace symbol & yin yang symbol
2. a hand embroidered 3 button set featuring floral designs on a hand drawn card
3. a new headband featuring a dragon & a heart
4. the softie that I've been working on

I also started on a new messenger bag featuring a new embroidered character, along with the 'aliens' from 2 of my other bags!

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