Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello, Daylight Savings & other randomness

Hey everyone,
So, first a little about myself. I'm a designer & a writer. I say this, not because I do these things professionally but, because these are things that I love to do & couldn't stop myself from doing, if I wanted to (& I don't). I have my own shop http://www.samsstuff.etsy.com where I share the things that I make, in the hope that, one day, this will be my full time job!
I can also be found on flickr (all kinds of photos, not just things I've made, please take a look), twitter, mycraft, ravellry & craftstylish, as samsstuff.
One of the first things that I wanted to talk about, since we just went through our annual torture, is Daylight Savings Time. Do we really still need to go through this twice a year? We have "modern" lights & electricity. What function does this practivce now serve? Most of us do not live outside (& if we did, we'd probably rise & go to sleep with the sun, so we wouldn't need a system anyway) so why do we need to go through some torturous, antiquated ritual? It really defies logic. We work & go to school at all hours of the day & no longer function only during daylight, plus we have lights & electricity to see & function when it's nighttime. So, my thought is that we should abolish Daylight Savings in all states (some states have already done this, like Arizona). What do you think? Sorry for the rant, I go through this every year, particularly in the spring. We have to force our bodies to adjust & really, for what?
Winter is definitely still here, in the Northwest! Yesterday we had snow again & expect freezing temperatures for the rest of the week. The day before, it was rain, snow, hail & sun, randomly dispersed throughout the day! When will it end. I'm so ready for this to be over!
I have been working on several new projects for my shop & will be posting them, I'm hoping daily. Stop by! I have also been adding vintage items (some of them handmade, by my grandmother!). Multiple item shipping has been reduced!

Winter Madness sale at my shop!

25% off items throughout the store
25% off all headbands

That's it for now. Stop by the shop, let me know what you think about Daylight Savings (& winter) & take care!


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