Saturday, January 11, 2014

Storytelling Saturday: Objects That Tell Tales

Here's another antique find, this time found inside a storage tub labeled "Sewing & Craft Items" that I stumbled  upon in a little local thrift store that specializes in storage locker finds. The box was full of great stuff: vintage patterns, old embroidery kits & even an old hair pin box, but one of the most interesting finds was this little squirrel pincushion, probably from the 30's. It's heavier than you would think, for it's size, more than likely filled with a sand type substance, rather than a newer fiberfill type toy. The squirrel design makes it look more like an old child's toy, pressed into service as a pincushion, than something that was deliberately made as a pincushion & this may be the case, given its age. Re-purposing was a hallmark of the 30's (& earlier), when clothes were passedd from child to child until they could no longer be worn & then cut into pieces to make quilts for winter. Anything that could be used, was used & re-used in a variety of forms & even art was done on & with re-purposed materials. The squirrel has pins in it, the stuffing material seems to be great at keeping the pins sharp, but it seems likely to have started out as a childs toy. What memories did this little sqirrel hold, for adult & child alike? Was it a favorite toy? Was it filled with memories of a child, long since grown up? Of a mother lovingly stitching away for that child? For her family? Of course, we'll never really know, but it's fun to think of all the stories this little creature holds...

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