Saturday, December 28, 2013

Storytelling Saturday: Objects that Tell a Tale

I found these awhile back, at Sanford & Sons Antiques, in downtown Tacoma & I thought they were so beautiful, with their vintage/antique style & patina, that I had to get them. To me, they tell a beautiful, mysterious tale of the past: of historical style & fashion, of creativity & vintage industry, of social conventions & societal norms. I love the beautiful details of such utilitarian objects. I wish I knew more of their story: who used them? What did they make? What were they like & how did they come to use such beautiful objects?
Beautiful tools, from different eras
The condition is not perfect, particularly on the bakelite pair, but the beauty shines through
Most of the gold leaf is missing & there is rust, not sure whether or not I want to do anything to these, though
Aren't the details on these beautiful? 
Even the backs are lovely

Can't you just picture the seamstresses that used these, their clothes, their hair & shoes? Maybe they clipped a stray thread or two as they headed the door or maybe they sat by a window, sewing their wedding trousseau ...
How about you? Have you stumbled across any interesting old objects, just brimming with a story or two?

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