Thursday, February 21, 2013

More Sweater Hackings :)

I bet you didn't think there were so many things you could make out of old sweaters! Sure, there's pillows or you could always make a vest or gloves, but beads? jewelry? Probably not the first things we think of when we think of sweaters. What about book covers? (I just received a nice one, in the mail) or I Pad covers? Ornaments & stuffed dolls? So many possibilities for something old, maybe ready to be discarded...

Since my old sweater was a polo, I had pieces that aren't on  regular crew or v necks, this is the placket piece, with some of the original buttons moved & a bit of added embroidery. 

A snap (vintage, of course) closure on vintage belting trim & little French knots, in teal

A bracelet could be made without a placket, from a rectangular piece of felt & some added buttons/beads

The collar piece makes a great Peter Pan style collar necklace. The pennies are from an inexpensive bracelet & can be detached from the collar, if desired. The teal piping is a vintage thrift store find. You could make a collar necklace from a collarless sweater by cutting out the collar piece from the body or sleeve...
So, have you been doing any sweater hacking recently? What have you made from your re-purposed gems in the rough? SAM

*Bracelet currently available in samsstuff Etsy Collar necklace, available soon.


Michelle Nahom said...

Never in a million years would have thought of doing something like this! What a creative idea!

samsstuff said...

Thank you, Michelle! It's fun coming up with new ideas & designs.