Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day Trip: Fremont, Washington

Hi all! I thought I'd share some of the places I've been recently, starting with the last one first. I know, not entirely logical & maybe not even entirely in order, backwards, but...

Last weekend was the Summer Solstice celebration in Fremont, Washington, a celebration filled with frivolity & wild goings on, held in a town know for frivolity & more than a smidgen of wildness, the self proclaimed 'center of the universe,' home of rooftop rocket ships, Stalin (in statue form) & bridge trolls...

It all started with an overly long drive to Seattle via I-5

Through tunnels

Past the Space Needle

& into Fremont. We saw famous people (who's more famous than  Rapunzel? Who knew she lived in Fremont?)

Over the bridge (this opens for tall ships & normally isn't a walkway for pedestrians.  Looks a bit like a scene from  a zombie film, doesn't it?)

See all the people...(It's a tradition to dress up these statues)

Stop for a bite to eat (they have delicious food & wonderful Greek coffee)

A bit of music here & there...

& everywhere

Boats & bikes (the harbor)

& cars, oh my! (an unusual car show filled  with glittery, famous, infamous, strange & fantastical vehicles of all sorts 

The end of the day, so pretty (I so want to live here)! There's more (monsters, aliens, weddings... ), but I'll save that for next time.
How about you, have you gone on any little day trips recently?


Alexis Grace said...

Thank you for sharing the images from your road trip!

We are trying to get out of town next weekend--- fingers crossed we can make it happen!

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

Great pictures! I love short little trips. I just returned from few days on Vancouver Island :)

Alex said...

No day trips for us lately :-( and the crazy thing is I have been wanting to do a little road tripping not sure if we'll be able to squeeze it in though :(

Modern Gypsy said...

It's been a while since we've been on a road trip :-(

Yours looks like it was fun!

Silvia said...

Fantasticas las fotos, me encanta su blog, enhorabuena, Le sigo. Besitos