Sunday, April 1, 2012

Something New: "Summertime" Cuff Bracelet

Something new: a little cuff bracelet, I like to call "Summertime," that I made for a hat themed challenge, Everything on this one is vintage, except the little birds. The hat is a pin from the 80's, the milk glass beads, that look a little like sand dollars, are rescued beads that I purchased from TUTreasures on Etsy, the waxed hemp string is hand crocheted & from the 70's. Even the snap closure is vintage, also from the 70's. This can be worn with or without the hat pin & of course, with other bracelets. This was fun to make & I think I'll make other, similar bracelets, with other beads & with or without a pin.

Summertime hat pin cuff, shown here with the hat pin

The back of the Summertime hat pin bracelet 

Summertime hat pin cuff, without the hat pin
What have you been making lately?

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Alexis Grace said...

I am not crazy about the hat, but without it, this is a perfectly beachy bracelet!!

samsstuff said...

Thanks Alexis! (I like it better without the hat, too. Shh...don't tell anyone ;) It was made for a "Mad Hatter" challenge/swap. The hat pin is from the 80's, the beads were from a vintage necklace & the hemp string & the snap closure are from the 70's.

Debbie @ OtRD said...

Fun creation! Love the little birds you added!

I haven't been creating many things lately for Shana's Shop, but have been working on a few fun custom orders for my other shop, Words For You.