Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Letter to Home

Time by Shelley McElhiney


So I thought I'd write & check on how you're doing, its been a really long time. You probably don't remember me, I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. The last time you saw me, I was very small, a baby really.There might be a little around the face but...We've all changed a lot, even you, I'm sure. I really don't remember what you looked like, though I've seen photos. You were tiny, quaint, sometimes filled to overflowing with visitors, sometimes there were just 2 or three of us. Often it was my parents & I: my father with his southern, kind of Elvis/Johnny cash type look & my mother, a mid western girl from a small town, just outside of Chicago, a place that was a mix of Mayberry, with a big city influence. Sometimes it was only my mother & my grandmother, away from her husband, my grandfather (a railroad man) & her beauty shop, but never away from the practice of beauty, as she often practiced her skills on us. Always, it was a place filled with love.
I wonder how you've weathered the years. Times have changed. Eras have gone by, filled with construction & destruction. I hope you've survived, filled with years of beautiful memories, families old & young, couples just starting out & grand parents surrounded by their loving children & grandchildren.
Anyway, I thought I'd write. How are you doing?



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Marie Noelle said...

Beautiful post Shelley!

Lisa D.B. Taylor said...

Oh this brought a lump to my throat :-) Especially after our rather traumatic move two years ago! Beautiful post!!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Hey ~ good to 'see you' ~ by your blog you look a very creative person ~ thanks for linking up to Magical Monday Meme ~ hope to see you again ~ am following you on GFC ~ namaste, ^_^