Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Short Cuts & Funny (but useful) Little Household Hints

Hi all! Today, I thought that I'd share a few short cuts with you, quick answers to small day to day type problems, kind of household hints, except that they're not really all cleaning related.

Great tip #1: Have a shirt or sweater you want to wear, but it's too large? Maybe you really liked it, but it was the only one left or it was a great price? Maybe you lost weight? Whatever the reason, it's a great piece, but it doesn't quite fit...Try pinning it! No, not with safety pins, unless that look works, like it's a really great retro punk or New Wave piece (Much of 80's clothing was oversized, worn with leggings, etc.). Use decorative pins, something that goes with the style of the piece & gather the fabric to reign in the size, creating the illusion of a waist. Make sure that your gathers don't get caught in the pin clasp or you could end up with a hole, when you remove the pin. This can be done on the front, gather both sides or the back:
This would also be fun to do with the sleeves, just don't do all of these things at once or it'll look over done. It's also great if you want a more sleek look under jackets, vests & sweaters.

Great tip #2: Going someplace (interview, fancy party...) where you'll be wearing a jacket over your shirt? Your shirt is completely wrinkled? No time for ironing the whole shirt? Just iron the front. *Don't do this if there's any chance you'll have to take off your jacket.

Great tip #3: Have an interview or need to go someplace where your dress shoes need to be presentable? Have small scuff marks on your shoes? Find a felt tip pen in the same color as your shoe & color in the scuff, blend a bit, if needed. This works best on black shoes (it's easier to match the color)

Great tip #4: Your favorite shirt is completely wrinkled, but you really want to wear it & you don't feel like ironing? Spritz the shirt with water & gently smooth the wrinkles. If you have time, you can hang the shirt to dry (it won't take too long, if you haven't completely drenched the shirt). You can also put it in the dryer, after spritzing. Add a wet washcloth, for a bit of  'steam.' Lastly, if you are in more of a hurry, you can blow dry the wrinkles out, after spritzing. This, of course, works with any article of clothing.

I hope you enjoyed this little household hints :)
Do you have any great hints you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments, below.


Anonymous said...

These are lovely tips - have shared them with quite a few people. Tks

Hello, I'm Alison. said...

Great tip! Looking forward to more : )

Trianna said...

Wonderful tips! I'll definitely keep these in mind if I'm in a pinch.

Alexis Grace of NorthOnHarper said...

I really like the tip about the washcloth in the dryer---- nice!!!!

Alex said...

Tip #4 is my husbands favorite. Even if he's not crunched for time! LOL