Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Writer's Club: Images & stories in words & pictures

This time I've chosen one of our older prompts, to post a photo & talk about why you shot that particular image.

This was shot that I took on the same day as Wayzgoose, but of course, it is not of the event. This is down the street from King's Books & I shot it before I ever reached the event. I chose to shoot this for a number of reasons, some conscious & others not. Consciously, I wanted to shoot the flowers from a different perspective & I liked the beautiful white & soft pink blossoms against the blue sky, with the clouds wafting away in the background, bright light contrasted with the looming hint of rain. Not so planned was the contrast of urban environment & nature. In fact, I tried to crop any signs of city out of the shot, but I think that if I had actually done this, it would have been a far more mundane shot. I like that the flowers are in a more contained space, that the sky looms overhead & the city is trying to crowd in. This image has grown on me & I like all the comparisons & contrasts it contains. It tells a story all its own. I bet you have many photos that tell their own stories, each one does.



PussDaddy said...

I think it is a wonderful photo. It made me look.


Debbie @ OtRD said...

Love this shot! It's a great perspective and I think you are right about having a small sign of the city in it.

Alexis of NorthOnHarper said...

I love the perspective..... And brightness in the photo.

Ay first glance I didn't notice the cities encroachment. But when I took a closer look and saw the telephone wire in the background it made the photo all the more interesting.

Lovely job.

Lisa Taylor said...

It's beautiful. That's simply it!

Alex said...

beautiful picture!

Johanna said...

Absolutely beautiful, like the angle you took the photo.