Monday, May 16, 2011

Made by You Mondays: For the Love of Books

Hi! Just a couple of little things that I've been working on recently. I love reading, real, paper books with real print & real ink. I know there are many others out there, too. We may love those e-books, but paper still has a certain allure. I don't have a lot of time, lately & there are a lot of books waiting for me, all with different bookmarks, marking where I left off. Some of them I may have to start reading all over again, having waited too long to finish, but at least I'll know where I left off.
But, anyway, back to these lovelies:  I had a lot of fun designing & making them. I hope you enjoy them, too:

Hand crocheted bookmarks: I made these as giveaways for the recent EtsyRain show in Seattle. I love the yarn, It's an eco cotton & the colors remind me of candy :)

This is the back: Hand stamped red lettering on vintage yellow, cotton, tropical print fabric. I added long, knotted fringes to each one, designed to dangle playfully out of the book.

I did the labels "mass production" style.

All of the above

A Photo bookmark: Hand embroidered, kraft bookmark. These are pieces of one of my prints, in this case a corner of "Time." I didn't like the way the prints were cropped, so I cut them & embroidered them onto the bookmark. The back was a hand stamped piece of notebook paper, also hand stitched.  (Sorry about this shot, the stitching doesn't show well).

How about you? Do you love reading? Do you prefer paper or electronic (or audio)?


Lisa Taylor said...

Ooo I love the hand stamped fabric book marks. And the first ones remind me of cotton candy for some reason :-)
I am a paper book person all the way. I have a huge library of books (and a large collection of book marks )
I've considered a kindle - though I really think I'd only use it on vacations, road trips. etc... It *would* be easier than lugging a big bag of books around (which is what I always do).

Alexis of NorthOnHarper said...

There is something special about a book you can hold onto.... and these bookmarks are adorable!

Alex said...

I love love reading. And all though I do love how a book feels in my hand, for some reason I get much more reading done now that I have a Nook.

Jene' said...

These are the most interesting book marks! <3

stitchknit said...

Love the book marks. I too, am an avid reader of books, the old fashioned kind! A book mark seems to make the reading even more fun!