Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Work Space

So today, for show us your business Wednesday, we're supposed to show you our work space. For me, this is pretty simple: a computer (not this exact model, but same brand & size. I like it. The only thing that I prefer a larger screen for is photo editing, one of my favorite pastimes) & anywhere I can sit to use it. As far as where I make things, you don't want to see that ;) No really, you don't...but it basically involves the same, anywhere I can sit to make things theory. I also like to have something else going, like the TV or music. It help me concentrate. I know, that sounds weird, but it's true! When I was in school, I did my homework the same way. No, I didn't fail every class, I actually received good grades. I know, shocking, isn't it? I hope you enjoyed this short tour of my workspace :) SAM

Show Us Your Business Wednesday

*The picture is from the Asus web site. Their computers are available in many places & in many styles, colors (mine's red, just in case you wanted to know) & with many different features. Nobody paid me or gave me anything for mention their products.


Inspirationsbyd said...

Hi Sam:-) stopping by your SBW. Technically it's my hubbie's desk, with his stuff in it, but I think I use it more, should I replace his stuff with mine, hhmmm?? That's something to think about.

Jinnia said...

Hi! Is it Shelley or Sam? I'm stopping by from SBW. Your computer looks similar to mine, Asus Eee PC! Great work space ;-) You create beautiful things.

Jinnia said...

Hi again! I'm following your blog now :) Hope you have a wonderful night!

Alex Johnson said...

I usually prefer to have some sort of background noise while I'm working. Whether its music, or the tv, it also seems to help me concentrate.

samsstuff said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

Jinnia, it's both (SAM is my initials, used to be SAH, SAM is better)
Inspirationsbyd- you should :)

Alex, it's weird how that works, but for some, it actually helps to have background noise.

Big Mama said...

Hi, here from BF. I love craft blogs! There seriously isn't enough! I loved reading through your posts. I must follow!