Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let's Communicate...Favorite Things Week 2

I think that there are many different ways to communicate, beyond the verbal. Here are some of the ways that I communicate, some of the many different forms of communication available to us, as human beings:

original Medusa Girl drawing

Original drawing for an embroidery piece, "Medusa Girl Chases the Aliens Through a Field of Flowers"


"Time" an original photo compilation, Olympus OM1, TriX film

Photo Chemical Panting 1

Original Photo Chemical Painting

Random Bits of Writing

Handwritten journal entry scan

Gardening is not for whimps

Embroidered garden gloves, "Love & Hate," a Blues Brothers tribute

Milagro Necklace

Milagro Necklace, an original jewelry piece

Each has its own story to tell & is a different form of communication. I once had a friend who asked, when looking at a piece of art "But what does it do?"  The real answer to that question is that it communicates...

We all communicate  in some way, unless we're hermits or asleep. Whether our communication is vocal or we use some other means of communication, we are always communicating  & hopefully listening to each other, to me this is the most important part of communication. Without listening, there is no communication . Without hearing & reflection, we can not truly understand.
What about you? What do you think? In what ways do you choose to communicate? SAM

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Debbie in Nashville said...

I think the things we create always have an interesting story to tell.

Great post and loving the new look!



Being Tazim said...

Loved your pictures, especially the "time" one! I like what you said about there being no communication if there is no listening.

Unknown Mami said...

Love all of the examples of communicating.

Emma @DivorcedBefore30 said...

How do I communicate? I blog, tweet, hug, kiss, question, tell, bake, smile, run, and sing, just to name a few ways. Cool blog. Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day. I really appreciated all the of thoughtful comments!

Sarah said...

I love the variety of ways you choose to communicate. I prefer written as I can have time to think, though spoken is more enjoyable. But there are so many more ways as you have pointed out. I like what you said in answer to your friend-a great answer!
THanks for your visit too!

Mary Magdalene Donovan said...

i enjoyed your blog! i belong to the lady blogger society. i'm new to blogging and have only just started, but i hope you visit my blog and become a follower. thanks,maggie

Joann Mannix said...

I am so jealous of all these extraordinary facets of your creativity. They are all beautiful works of art.

If I couldn't write, I wouldn't know what to do. Everything I have pours out of me into the written word.
It is a vital form of communication, among other things, for me.

Great post and love your work.

Dawn said...

I text. I blog. I take pictures. Any outlet to allow myself to be heard.
Stopping by from SITS