Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Spring Cleaning...

Spring is here & as I said in my "Spring Cleaning" feature on Handmade News, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming (well, some of them anyway), thoughts turn to love, new beginnings & ...spring cleaning? For me, this includes the April Stash Bust event, an opportunity to use up some of the supplies that I have lying about, traditional & non-traditional, to make new items from the old, without buying any new supplies for the month. Ok, so aside from the whole not buying supplies thing, I pretty much do this on a regular basis. I like to say that my items are made from the "lost, found, vintage & new." This is literally true. I have used items that I have found, things that belonged to a past time, things that others have lost or given away, saving them from oblivion & giving them a whole new life, a whole new story to tell, while paying tribute to the story that already existed. So, while I am 'destashing' this month, I kind of destash every month, every time I make something.

Project 1: Delft Necklace

1. Vintage Delft blue porcelain pendant with windmill design. This was something that my grandmother had, probably purchased in the sixties in Solvang, CA, a great little Dutch town that I loved visiting as a child.They had great little shops & bakeries. I got several Madame Alexander international dolls, in the doll & toys shops, great little mints (violet where my favorites), embroidery books, delicious cheeses & of course pastries, the many times that my parents & I visited this adorable town, scattered over the years that we lived in California. My grandmother would sometimes come with us. I'm not sure what this originally was, maybe a necklace or possibly a key chain. 
2. Copper color chain, something a bought, with no idea of exactly what I might use it for, but I liked the double loop design, the color & I couldn't leave it there on the clearance shelf. Who knows what might have happened to it.
3. Green seed beads. I bought these for my frog necklace, along with a number of other seed bead hanks. I love seed beads, they're so cute! My grandmother used to make peyote style project with them & taught me how. 
4. Round jade bead. Part of an old bracelet that came apart. I didn't want to put it back together, the way it was, so I use the beads for other things.
5. Blue wire. Bought to use for many things, but nothing in particular.
6. Copper clasp. Bought for something else but of course, you can't just buy one...

Project 2: Unicorn Locket necklace

1. Vintage Gold Unicorn Locket. This was something that I purchased, in the seventies. I loved the way the unicorn looked like it was part of an old tapestry & again, it was on clearance; I couldn't just let it sit on the shelf, without a home. It is gold plated.
2. Bone disks. Purchased, in bulk, for whatever project might call for them. 
3. Dark green glass bead. I loved the texture & the look of it. I thought I might make a necklace out of it, someday.
4. Dragon coin pendant. I liked the dragon & phoenix design, there's what looks like Chinese writing on the other side.
5. Shiny green ceramic bead. They where shiny. I liked the colors...
6. Black satin ribbon, knotted & crocheted. 
7. Pewter color chain. Another clearance item I liked the color & the shape of the links.
8. Gold color wire, copper & silver color findings.

Both pieces close in the front, for easy use & visual appeal. They are long enough, though that they can fit over your head.

I have two more pieces, a choker & a wallet, so I'll call this part one & publish a part 2. Since it's still fairly early in the month, maybe there'll be a part 3? I hope you enjoyed this look into my "destashing!" 

As for my stash, I'd like to quote a little bit of a Rage Against the Machine song "There'll be no shelter here, the front line is everywhere."



Chavah said...

I love those necklaces!

samsstuff said...

Thank you, Chavah!