Monday, November 16, 2009

Communal Story...Alien Monster Boy Loves Medusa Girl

I thought I'd try something different here, something that I haven't really seen elsewhere. I thought I'd try sort of a communal story. I'll write my own, elsewhere & we'll write one together. At some point maybe we'll compare, just to see how different the stories become, after starting out in the same place. I might even start this in my ArtFire studio, so there'll be three different stories. What do you think? Sound like fun? What do you think comes next?

That Alien Monster Boy loved Medusa Girl is certainly true. Of that we have no doubt. The evidence is clear. The question of how they met remains. How where they able to have a relationship? How did this pair come to love each other, across time & space? We only have bits & pieces of their story. Tiny particles of archeological evidence that survived millenia, scattered over time & space. Together, we will have to discover their story, using what bits & pieces we have or are yet to discover.


Becca Watson said...

Stoppin in from SITS. Hope you had a great day!!

samsstuff said...

We know that that lived in separate places, different times. Alien Monster Boy spent his life on