Friday, November 6, 2009

Cold Days & Warm Scarves

I hate being cold! I can't sleep when it's cold at night. I don't want to go anywhere when it's cold during the day. Maybe it has to do with growing up mainly in California & Arizona. Maybe it has to do with the cold, February day, in Ohio, when they first brought my brother home from the hospital (just kidding, I love my I've always hated being cold, even when I lived in the gorgeous land known as Germany. I hate driving when it's icy. I even hate scraping the ice off my windshield before I can go anywhere. I can admire the cold, from afar. I love a good photo of an icy window. I love the idea of snow, I just have to bundle myself completely before I can step out into the cold. This is why I was excited to open my package from Lauren of "Handful of Stitches" & find a lovely, maroon red, crocheted 'circle scarf.' It was soft, pretty & most importantly, warm! Her shop is currently stocked with several little handmade bags, but lately she has been experimenting with crochet & this lovely scarf is the result. Stop by her shop & take a look. She uses mostly eco friendly materials (the scarf was made with recycled yarn!) & packing materials. Check out her little bags & maybe, if she doesn't have any scarves listed, you can convince her to make one for you;) You can also stop by her blog: Handful of Stitches
& say hi! While you're there, tell her hi for me too! SAM


ChezChani said...

I've never heard of a circle scarf but there is nothing better than a warm cuddly scarf on a cold day!

Debbie in Nashville said...

I hate the cold too! Maybe that's why I love scarves so much. L-O-V-E your new scarf so I'm off to check out Handful of Stiches.

iHeartDimSum said...

While this won't do you much good outside of the house, it'd be awesome for keeping you warm indoors: Snuggie!

BlogBaby said...

Bbbrrrr....I hate cold too. Hats ruin my hair and those darn mittens are always getting lost!


P.S. Thanks for stopping by for my SITS day I truly appreciate it!

Janna Bee said...

Those are so cute! My friend has a green one. If you are really cold at home I would suggest buying the Gap slipper-boots they have on sale. I have a pair and am immediately warmed when I wear them.

Thanks for visiting my blog from SITS!

Lynn said...

I love the photo! Is that ice on a window? I love the scarf too lady! I'm going to have to stop by that shop and check her out definitely. I like your blog. And you have great taste on your background! ;o)

Happy SITS Sharefest!

My best, Lynn

samsstuff said...

thanks for stopping by everyone. If I haven't already, I will stop by to say hi soon :)