Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Try This! Random Recipe #1

So yesterday, for dinner I concocted this delicious, south of the border inspired main dish, that I thought I'd share. I generally, unless I'm following a specific recipe, wing it when it comes to making food type stuff, so this isn't a modern, exact ingredient deal, but more like the guidelines you might find in an antique cookbook.

I started with beef short ribs, briefly braised in a small amount of canola oil in a large pan, you could use a bit of butter, if you really want to go old school & don't mind the cholesterol. I sprinkled a steak seasoning mix (Kroger brand: salt, pepper, coriander, dill, red pepper, garlic, paprika, for those who want to make something similar or who don't have this brand) onto the meat, while braising. I then added a can of organic tomato sauce & enough water to cover the ribs, a chopped Italian roaster pepper (from my garden), some dried onion & a bit of cinnamon. I brought the mixture to a boil & then turned down the heat to a simmer. Cover & simmer, for about 1 1/2 hours. This makes the meat so tender if falls off the bone (I love this cooking method for beef or chicken. It's great for tacos, tostadas or enchiladas) This infuses the meat with the 'sauce,' along with making it super tender. Pour a bit of the juices over the meat to serve. This would probably also work ok with root vegetables, without the braising or the super long cooking, just chop them into equal size pieces (an inch, or so), cook them long enough to cook through & serve with a bit of the sauce poured over top. You could also add vegetables, while cooking the meat, to make a bit of a stew. Enjoy!

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Pattie said...

lol we cook the exact same way, but I actually mess up recipes, I can't seem to follow them for my life