Monday, October 12, 2009

More Free Stuff...everywhere

First, I wanted to announce the winner of my last giveaway: Aik of Friends & Family , a cute blog filled with giveaways & fun shops! Stop by, when you have a chance, say hi to Aik in Malaysia & enter one of her many giveaways!
I also wanted to mention more of the great stuff that I've won recently. From Girl Get Strong, I've recently won a bicycle Word Lock. This is a great device that you program with words, rather than numbers. No more nightmares about forgetting the combination (I used to have these, back in school, so realistic...)! I chose the black one & gave it to my son. He says that black is his favorite color. What's that you say "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. How cliche :) Actually, my favorite color changes all the time, blue maybe? or red? Anyway, this has worked out well for him. Also, from GirlGetStrong & Jesse Jane on Etsy I won a great little scrabble tile pendant with a Buddha image that I added to a vintage chain bracelet that I had. It looks amazing!
From Little Studio Photography (Etsy & ArtFire) I won a lovely pair of shiny pretty earring that came in a little handmade origami paper box. Check out her shops. I don't think the earrings that I won are listed, but there's a lot of other sparkly distractions to keep you busy!
Through one of the Etsy forums I won a great little journal/book called "This is Not a Book," by Keri Smith. If you love fun little activity type journals, that ask you questions or have weird & interesting activities to document, then this is perfect. It's even fun just to look at & think about!
I received, after some delay, a great "Pac Bones" t-shirt from Psycho Rheindeer & Teenormous. Teenormous was terrific about this as, for some reason, I didn't receive the tee when the winnings where first sent out. Teenormous checked out the problem & whatever the issue, they & Psycho Rheindeer sent me a replacement & a great little Psycho Rheindeer button. I decided to let my son have the tee (I kept the button) & he thinks it's great. If you're in the market for fun & unusual tees, either of these companies would be a great place to go. Phsycho Rheindeer produces in smaller volume & Teenormous is huge, filled with fun stuff. Check them both out!
From Debbie, at "On the Refrigerator Door" I recieved, not only the great cards, featured in her 'birthday' giveaway, but a great little magnet (this is the design) & tiny blank notebook, each & every one adorable. Check out her shop for magnets, cards & beautiful photos!
I am currently participating in a project through Ladi of "Structured Chaos" where a group of us will be trading items> I can't wait to see all the great stuff & show you my trades! My partner in the swap is Handful of Stitches a little shop on Etsy with handmade clutches.
For more free stuff you might want to check out some of the sites, like Freecycle & Swaptree, where you can trade stuff you have for stuff you want, a great way to recycle things & get free stuff, at the same time!
last, but not least, if you have a blog, you might want to check out "The Secret is in the Sauce" or SITS (I have a badge/link on the side bar of this blog), every Sunday they have 'Sunday Shout Outs,' where members advertise their giveaways & promotions. Take a look.
That's it for today. Have fun looking at all the great sites & searching for 'free stuff.'

(about the photo: this was staged, no crimes where committed nor are any criminal acts advocated with this illustration)


Aik said...

Wow, you're also one lucky girl! ;)

Lena Blair said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!!!!!

mommyknows said...

Wow, how lucky are you? You must have horseshoes up your bum!

I never win anything! EVER!

Debbie in Nashville said...

Thanks for always stopping by and all your wonderful comments.
Also thanks for the mention in your post and am so glad you were able to help me celebrate my birthday and be part of my giveaway!

Only about a week and a half left in India. I'm sad but know I will be more than ready to get back home by then!