Tuesday, April 28, 2009

About my lists...

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So, today I first wanted to explain a little about the list I started a couple of days ago. These are all people that I 'miss' in one way or another. At some point in my life, they have had an effect. Some have made me laugh (a lot), some made me cry, at least once or twice, but all have good memories attached, even if they eventually made me sad, whatever the reasons might of been. A few aren't even people, though they may have liked to think they where! All are people that I would be interested to know where they've been or what they've been up to. Most I don't know, anymore. They may be totally different than they once where. That's ok, it would still be interesting to find out where they are now. Most, if not all, where good people, so I doubt that they've become the opposite. You never know. Time changes us all & circumstances can take the best or the worst out of us & change they way we are, not necessarily forever, but for a time. sometimes, like in one of my stories, our perceptions weren't completely right in the first place. That's what makes us complex beings. Don't we all have people we remember, fondly (or not so fondly) that we are curious about, that pop into our memory, from time to time? The photo, by the way, is of one of the 'people' I miss most, my dog Sam. I miss my dog.
I think the next list will be of my favorite book/films, on a totally different note.
I hope all is well with everyone, until next time.

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