Sunday, May 17, 2015

Good Eats in Tacoma :-)

So, if you thought of Tacoma at all before, you probably just thought of it as that city south of Seattle or north of Olympia, not really a destination, no art, no sights, no places to hang out & enjoy a delicious meal, among interesting people or in an interesting atmosphere. Yes, Seattle & Olympia both can boast of great attractions & destinations, art & delicious food, but you probably already knew that. Tacoma has some hidden gems waiting to be discovered by anyone willing to stop & have a look around. Today I thought I'd talk about some of the fun & tasty destinations to check out around the historic shipping port known as Tacoma, Washington.
Let's start with ‘breakfast‘ treats:
Legendary Doughnuts: Amazing, delicious doughnuts in decadent flavors to start your morning off right (or hey, who says it has to be morning food. Treat yourself to a bit of decadence, whenever you feel like it). Buy a dozen & save some for later or cut them into smaller pieces & create a sampler, so you don't miss any of the scrumptious flavors, you'll be tempted to eat them all at once! 6th Ave Tacoma, WA
Inside Legendary Doughnuts
Sasquatch Cinnamon Rolls: Gigantic cinnamon rolls (& little ones too), in different fun flavors every day, macaroons  of many sizes & flavors, delicious lefsa (my favorite), plus many other treats. You never know exactly what you'll find here, but you can be sure it will be delicious. There's plenty of vintage memorabilia & silliness to look at & keep your attention, while you enjoy your treats & the company. They open a little later in the morning, but it's worth the wait or you can take your treats home & try to save them for the morning. Freighthouse Square, Tacoma, WA (bring cash, they can not currently accept credit cards)
Inside Sasquatch
Little Jerry's:  A little retro diner based on Seinfeld. Serves breakfast & lunch, American fare with cute Seinfeld related names, Seinfeld memorabilia & episodes of Seinfeld streaming throughout the day. You can sit inside or out at a little diner style table or you can sit on bar stools at the counter. There's also a small annex that serves espresso. In Fern Hill, Tacoma, WA
At the counter in Little Jerry's
Olive Branch Cafe: Serves breakfast, lunch & pastries (sandwiches & cafe fare) in a beautiful, quiet atmosphere.  Great place for a business lunch. New location inside Freighthouse Square, Tacoma, WA
One of the main attractions in the Olive Branch Cafe is the tea cabinet , from which you can  pick  from a huge selection of teas to be perfectly brewed in one of these ingenious mugs. Sit & relax in this lovely place, watch the trains go by & enjoy something new or something more classic from their fine selection of teas, chat with the friendly staff or book a tea party for a special occasions & events.
Not a complete list, just a small sampling of what Tacoma has to offer, in historic & interesting little areas around town. Go out & explore, let me know what gems you find. Next time: Lunch (my favorite meal). SAM

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