Friday, May 23, 2014

Walk Tacoma: Brewery District

On Wednesday we attended the Walk Tacoma Tour #4: Brewery District, for a little glimpse into the history of Tacoma...

Start of the walk: Standing on the UW Tacoma Campus stairs
Ghost Sign on one of the UW Tacoma Campus many repurposed historic buildings. These are the original building signs that have been uncovered, but not removed or repainted, to preserve their antique character
The next campus building to be repurposed. The UW Tacoma campus is comprised of original, repurposed buildings & new structures designed to blend in with the historic area.
Our first stop was by the old railroad tracks that still run between the campus buildings
More ghost signs along our walk... This building has been many things over the years, including a coffee shop & an auto clearing house.
Old Tacoma Brewery District area...

Brick building at our last stop in the Brewery District
Now filled with micro breweries, Tacoma was once a very large part of of the brewing industry, before the advent of refridgeration. The Northwest had the perfect environment for brewing, after refridgeration there was no need to brew in specific environments, it could be done anywhere & the industry suffered in the Northwest. Microbreweries have breathed new life into the area & the industry.

Walking back toward The Hub (one of Tacoma's micro breweries, restaurant & gathering place) where the tour ended in a beer tasting for those who wanted to attend.
Hope you enjoyed this little tour. I think there are three more of these planned, in different areas of Tacoma, a great way to get a little excercise & learn a bit more about this city. SAM

Does your city have anything like this?

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Alexis Grace of North On Harper said...

I love the idea of doing a walking tour of your home town! These photos are interesting-- makes me want to know more about Tacoma…