Saturday, February 8, 2014

Storytelling Saturday: Objects That Tell Tales "Locking Up Love"

Locking Up Love:
This is a tradition at Chambers Bay Park, here in Tacoma. Someone, years ago, decided to 'lock up' their love, declaring its permanence on the long pedestrian bridge that leads to the beach area of the park (I don't know if it's really known who was the first or if their love has survived as long as the lock placed here) & others followed suit. Each lock symbolizes a love story of a different kind: some are couples, some are family, there are even locks here that are for the love of a pet...Each story is different & I'm sure each has a different ending, some are enduring, others transitory, some have ended in pain, some in great happiness, some commemorate the loss of a loved one, remembered always, here & in the hearts of those left behind, some symbolize a new marriage or the anniversary of an eduring one. No matter what the story told, each was left here to tell the tale & commemorate the days' symbology & each is beautiful, in its own way...SAM

Since Valentine's Day is near, what love stories have you come accross recently?

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