Monday, August 12, 2013

Music & Art in Wright Park

We stopped by the Music & Art Fest in Wright Park this weekend, a small but happening gathering of musicians & artists here in Tacoma & I thought I'd show you a bit of this cool little festival. I wish you could hear some of the sounds, but maybe I can convey the sound through sight ;)

Ranchero: The whole band couldn't be there, so we were treated to an acoustic set by singer, Timothy Silvers. Some ran away at the word 'acoustic' & that's too bad, they don't know what they missed...
Pretty amazing sound for one man & a guitar! (and possibly the last show for Ranchero)
Wheelies: Cool, hip, modern sound

Artist Julie Luke, one of the featured artists
Just a little of the art & music and of course, since it is a park, there were fuzzy little creatures & plants everywhere:
Ferns, what would the northwest be without ferns?
Water plants
And sea faring birds...
Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of Wright Park & the Music and Art Fest.
Have you had any summer adventures? Heard any great music? Just enjoyed the scenery? SAM

*All photos the property of Shelley McElhiney, all rights reserved. Please contact the blog owner if interested in any of the featured shots.


Green Monkey said...

went to an art festival two weekends ago in SONO (south norwalk, ct). Had no idea it was going on, just sort of stumbled into it. It was small but it was sweet.

We typically kick off summer with a jazz festival in Saratoga Springs, NY - this was year 14 for me. Lot's of wonderful music - big and small.

Love the black and white of Silvers! what is the fuzz? energy of some sort or is that an effect you created?

samsstuff said...

Thanks, Monkey! I love music, especially live music.
The fuzzy stuff on the Silver's photo is a layering of effects, but I love that it looks like energy. One of the greatest things about music is the sheer energy & emotion through sound...