Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weekends in Tacoma

Hi again! so, today I thought I'd show you a couple of recent happenings in good, old Tacoma :)

Art on the Ave:

Booths reflected in a costume shop window with a very 70's display...
It was very sunny & warm, light reflected everywhere & the heat of the sun brought people into the many booths filled with art & handmade goodness of all kinds. There were also booths were people to dress in costume & have their photo taken, booths filled with the fun & the strange & of course, there was food & drink, randomly dispersed in odd spots on the Ave & in the blazing sun:
Food booth with traditional festival food by one of the Ave's many historic churches
And lots of music of many types & styles, by several area clubs, even a set being played by one of the area churches:
Band in front of Jazzbones, I wish I knew their name, but I enjoyed what they were playing
The Fun Police by O'Malley's Pub. I loved them, lots of old school style punk energy in their Dumpster Diving piece. The crowd really enjoyed this one, too
Some created their own art...
And there was street art to be found (roof above the Asado restaurant)
And people everywhere...

Miss Behavin' Show & Shine event on the dock:
Lots of great vehicles of all kinds...
This bike is awesomely wild, with the steer horns & black  paint contrasting with all the shiny chrome
This was a boot pattern in the tire of the Destroyer, a monster truck. It looked too much like the crazy robot from Futurama to pass up, plus it shows just how large these trucks are, large enough to step on the tires.
Close up of the wild designs on the Destroyer 
This was one of my favorite vehicles, very simple, contrasted with the designs on the Destroyer, but really nice...
Besides all of the great vehicles, there was music, booths & special events. These were some of the retro beauties wandering about & this appeared to be a discussion of beauty & style, in a beauty pageant type format. (The sunlight comes from a sky roof)
Surrounded by trains on one side...

 boats on the other, this was truly a display of almost every type of transportation out there
It was a beautiful clear day, with Mt. Rainier clearly visible in the distance
What's been happening this summer, where you are?

*All photos shown are the property of Shelley McElhiney, all rights reserved. Share only with proper credit.

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marie said...

looks like fun - sorry I missed this one. I really like the boot print - interesting shot.

Also, having a difficult time trying to figure out how to post my comments :) hope it goes through this time.