Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sweet Newness...

Sweet new stuff, well sort of...The crochet work on these was actually finished quite a while back & the rest, finished recently. As always or virtually always, there are new components & vintage, re-purposed pieces that fit together to make the whole work, new oldness, old newness, something old, something new...
Hand crocheted cuff in tangerine color 100% cotton yarn, vintage lace in beige, teal  green embroidery, silk sari ribbon & button closure Available samsstuff Etsy
Lucy style hand crocheted headband in tangerine 100% cotton yarn,  vintage 60's sheet fabric in bright orange, yellow & olive, hand stitched Available samsstuff Etsy
Braided leather bracelet with mask charms & hand stitched gun metal grey crystal beads Available soon.
Hand crocheted wallet, also in tangerine 100% cotton yarn, silk sari ribbon & vintage button closure, modern dotted swiss lining, hand stitched available samsstuff Etsy

I hope you enjoyed my 'new' stuff. What have you been working on? Have any old projects waiting around to be finished? I'd love to see your projects, new or old...SAM

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Jayne said...

pretty things! Love the headband!