Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bike Swap in Tacoma...

My day at the Bike swap meet in Tacoma:

Sidewalk graffiti...
An assortment of wheels
Cool old Bike with great mid century details
Old Schwinn logo
Assortment of tires (dig the flames :)
More great old bikes
Bike seats & other bike parts for sale
New helmets for sale ($7, including fitting!)
Something for the kids, a little course on bike safety
An ad for an unusual summer job & entrepreneurial opportunity for cyclists...
Beautiful new bikes
A 'bike psychiatrist' ;)
Buses are for bikes, too...
Lunch at the Hub, where else would you go, after a Bike Swap in Tacoma?
Any special events going on where you are? Why not spend the weekend exploring your city?

*All photos by Shelley McElhiney, all rights reserved.

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