Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lunchtime in Tacoma...

So, yesterday we spent a lovely afternoon in Tacoma's Opera Alley, having lunch at the Over the Moon Cafe & browsing through Urban Alchemy's beautiful shop. Before, during & after, I took a few shots of this interesting little street, filled with little shops  & studios:

Wall across from the cafe, filled with texture & possibilities,  yet to be realized...

Door with a 253 design painted above it, artist unknown. 253 is the area code for the Tacoma area, products have been showing up all over the area...

I'm not sure what this graffiti originally said, maybe initials, but it looks a little like 'opera' to me
Rustic doorway

More texture...Pipes (for what?) coming out of the wall, across from the cafe

The view from the other end of the alley. Great old office buildings
Over the Moon Cafe: Tasty food served in what looks like an old tea room, decorated in ornate velvets & fringe, old books scattered about for a bit of relaxing reading. I had a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon & avocado, served with a bit of potato salad & on the side, a rhubarb Dry Soda to drink, all quite tasty, though, next time I might try a different flavor soda, like lavender. The rhubarb was quite subtle, but still refreshing. My husband had the grilled tuna salad sandwich special, with hot tea to drink. His sandwich was tasty, though not what you normally expect when you order tuna salad. The salad would be great on a bed of greens & is more of an Italian salad, than the standard American style. There is no mayo or relish, but a tasty blend with olive oil. It ends up a little soggy, even with the grilling, so maybe a bed of greens would work better, with some rustic bread on the side? Tea is served as hot water with a variety of tea packets, from which to choose. Afterwards, we tried the banana cream pie, without the pie. Served in a little Mason jar, with a generous dollop of mascarpone  & a little sprig of mint & made with real bananas, it was quite tasty, a delicious end to the meal. all in all it's a lovely place to sit & relax, mid day. They serve lunch or dinner & prices are moderate.

Urban Alchemy: A sweet little store filled where fluffy clouds float overhead & the delightful creations of local artists fill your eyes & tickle your mind. Along with all kinds of jewelry & one of a kind clothing, you can find things to fill virtually every need or want: furniture (there's a great table I have my eye on, as well as sweet, velvety chairs), photography of all kinds (I love the photos printed on pieces of old wood, currently displayed in the store. I wish I could remember the artists name) & paintings, bath & body products, sweet children's toys & clothes & even a great antique chest that I wish I had. Products vary, over time. Stop by & check it out, if you're in the area. It's a great place for a bit of 'retail therapy' or artistic eye candy, for a relaxing afternoon.

We ended the afternoon at The Poison Apple (not in Opera Alley, but in downtown Tacoma). Check it out, if you have the chance & a penchant for pulp fiction/old horror films/comic books & wild novelty items. They recently have gotten in a large selection of vintage clothing & accessories, that are fun to browse. My current favorites: a Bigfoot air freshener (the toast scented one is a close second), an inflatable beard of bees & a blue tee covered with octopi & stars. The store is currently surrounded by construction, but take time to come support another fun, local business & say hi to its owner, Jooley Heaps, one of the areas friendliest shop owners.

How about you? Have you been out exploring your city lately?

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