Monday, January 28, 2013


Life has been full of challenges lately, small & large. It's always great, when the challenge is over & we can feel a sense of relief or even better, accomplishment...

Handmade 'Book' Postcard made for a Swap-Bot challenge: Pieces of a vintage (1975) Algebra  textbook, cardboard re-purposed (for a second time) from an envelope, sent in a previous swap, hand stitching, velum style paper scrap & a little, hand drawn border. This had to be taped over (with clear packing tape) for mailing.

Fabric Scrap Earrings for a 'What can you make with fabric scraps' challenge on Swap-bot: Fabric re-purposed from a vintage (but un-wearable) Esprit blouse, mother of pearl chips, green glass, silver plated sun/moons, clear glass.

Custom order camera bag: Cotton yarn in a buttery yellow, hand embroidered button on vintage fabric, vintage lace, hand stitched
Lined in an organic, floral fabric. There was a custom laptop cover, as well.  Custom listings for both  available, samsstuff Etsy
Custom Laptop Cover

Sometimes, making it through the smaller challenges makes going through the larger ones a bit easier, giving us a sense of accomplishment, boosting our self esteem...The beauty is in the details & the small stuff can have as much value as the big. I hope you're enjoying the small stuff as much as I am. SAM


Meg@MegaCrafty said...

That camera bag is darling- love the colors!

samsstuff said...

Thank you, Meg!