Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Ice

So, yesterday, it started to snow & we woke up with a layer off snow & ice everywhere, most of which seems to have stuck around throughout the day. I didn't go outside, but I think I was a bit inspired by all the snow & ice to create something new, from something (or several somethings) old. I had some beautiful vintage crystals, like the sparkles in the snow that shine in the snow, that I picked up at Earthwise Architectural Salvage. It's a wonderful place filled with rescued remnants of old buildings of all types. You never know what you'll find there, from hardware & windows to doors & dishware, anything really that might have been left behind by previous owners, like these pretty little crystals that I started with. I also had a spool of vintage silver string that I discovered in a bag of supplies purchased at a local Goodwill. I crocheted the silver string together with some super soft, ice blue yarn that I had in my stash, for a bit of icy sparkle throughout the bracelet, in several different stitches, to create extra depth, texture & a bit of delicate laciness:
One of the crystals was from an old chandelier, I'm not sure about the round beads

It can be worn as a wrap bracelet, a lariat style necklace or a hair wrap

small round crystals & the soft yarns create a pretty contrast of textures

"Winter Ice" worn as a bracelet.
I've created several of these lately though, each one with vintage, salvaged, repurposed elements.
What have you been inspired by lately? SAM

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