Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back2blogging: Day 2 For My Beautiful Grandmother

These are images of my grandmother & some of the things that she made. There is a newspaper clipping of her working in a salon, with the title "Beauty is an Art...," one of her in Beauty School (she is on the bottom row, third from the right) & one of her in her own shop (that she had for awhile, in Illinois). There is a detail of a blanket she made, I believe in the 70's. She made several of these, twin size, to fit her bed. My grandfather passed away in 1969 & she never remarried, sometimes living with us & sometimes with my great grandfather, who survived her by a number of years. Lastly, I have some detail shots of some of the clothes that she made, all of which had great details that you rarely see now. She taught me a great deal about art & craft. I thought I'd share these with you, she was influential in my life. I felt that she was a strong & independent woman, ahead of her time, in some ways & did many things that were not the traditional housewife role. My grandfather worked for the railroad & this necessitated a certain degree of independence. She passed this on to me, at a time when women were making strides in independence. How about you? Has a family member or teacher had a major impact on your life? What kind of impact have they had?

This is a re-issue of a post that I wish more people had seen, for SITS Back2Blogging, sponsored by Standards of Excellence,  Westar Kitchen & Bath & Florida Builder Appliances. It's been slightly expanded.


Anonymous said...

How cool! What great memories to have of your grandmother.

ChickLitLisa said...

My Grandmother influenced the reader in me. She read every day. All the time. I do too.