Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Show Us Your Business Wednesday X 3

King Ludwig's Castle, GE *

I've missed a few Wednesdays, due to my day job, carpal tunnel symptoms & headaches (I know excuses, excuses) so this is a three for one deal. Hurray!

July 21, 2010 ~ Where do you network? 
Where do I network? Well pretty much everywhere & anywhere. That's kind of a non answer, in some ways, but true. I try to avoid hanging out in just craft groups because, while there are some buyers there & you can learn a lot from others in the same business (techniques, what's worked for them, what hasn't) in the long run, most buyers are going to be elsewhere & inspiration can be anywhere. I like exploring what else is going on in the world & bringing that to my work, in that way, I end up doing something different, maybe even leading, rather than following trends. It's a little more difficult that way, I have to try growing a trend, but it's more satisfying. I like creating & telling a story with the things that I make. I can't do that if I'm making what's already a trend & as they say, if it's already a tend it's also already halfway 'out.'

July 28, 2010 ~ How do you stay organized?
It's all in my head...I know, scary, but what I mean by that is that it's always like a giant puzzle & I rearrange & organize as I put the puzzle together.

August 4, 2010 ~ What are your goals?
To take over the world...No, not really. My goals are simple, I want to tell stories & have people 'read' them & get something out of it. I make practical items, so that they can take those stories with them, maybe add their own stories & make them their own, like the game we played as children, where we'd whisper a story in someone's ear & they'd tell someone else & so on, until there was a kernel of the original, but it had become something else. I'd like to start story waves & see where they went. Hmm, maybe I really do want to take over the world ;)

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samsstuff said...

I hope everyone knows that I'm kidding about wanting to take over the world...