Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday: Summers & Camping

So, my assignment today is to describe a memorable camping trip. I can't say that I remember any particular camping trip. My mother didn't really like camping, at least not the roughing it kind of camping that most people think of, when they think of camping, so we had a camper. She liked camping enough that it was not the take your home with you kind of camper, just enough that we had a few amenities & generally didn't have to sleep on the ground. For awhile, we had a camper shell, that fit on the back of a small truck. There was a piece that hung over the cab of the truck, with a little bed & a window. Either my brother or I could hang out up there, while my father drove to our destination. No, we weren't really supposed to be up there, it was dangerous, since there were no seat belts. Any quick stop could have sent us tumbling down to the floor of the camper or flying out the window, at least that's what we were told. We liked being up there, you could lie there & watch out the window & often fought about who got to be up there. Of course, it wasn't the only thing we fought about, but since this is a story about camping, we'll just say we fought. 
There was an abundance of places to camp, all of them pretty, forested areas, with just enough people that we weren't isolated, but not so many that we might as well have been at home. In general it was fun, we got to eat delicious outdoor, grilled food & that all time outdoor favorite, s'mores! 
Sometimes, we (my brother & I) would attend camps organized by a variety of organizations, where we would learn crafts & meet other kids, most of whom we would never see again. My first encounter with a tarantula was at one of these camps. We were out on a nature hike & our guide was telling us about the flora & fauna of the area when, in the middle of the path was a tarantula. We gave it plenty of room, as our guide explained that they could leap about four feet, if threatened. None of us wanted it to feel threatened. We slid by, at a distance. The tarantula went on its way & we went ours, happy to have not had a closer encounter. 
I haven't been camping in my adult life, it might be fun, done my mother's way. I think any other way would be too 'rustic' for me. 
How about you? Have you had any memorable camping experiences? Do you like camping? Do you prefer the full camping experience? SAM


Handmade+Cute is said...

Hi! Fun post except for the creepy Tarantula part. I'll be sleeping in a tent for the first time next month and that's as close to camping I will have gotten. As a kid, it has been cabin-style camping, with hot showers. Those were great!

I'm 104 on your followers list and will be on your twitter list too. Great blog!

Unplanned Cooking said...

Our kids are young, so while I love to camp, at the moment I also like modern conveniences so we've been staying at "rustic" cabins (that have indoor plumbing). One day we'll go back to the real thing!

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Cori said...

*H*A*T*E* camping, as do my parents lol! Camping for me is a cheap motel lol! I'm quite the princess ;)

Enjoying reading through your blog from Friday Follow on Blog Frog!!

Green Monkey said...

FUN post.... love camping :) out to head back to Burning Man at the end of the month. Camping on the playa - wind, sun, dust, and freedom to express...

Serendipity said...

I love the idea of camping (but find myself missing the creature comforts when I'm there!) Stopping by from SITS :)