Monday, May 24, 2010

Milagro Necklace

Just a short post to show you what I've been working on:

Female milagro figure, from Mexico
Carved smiling stone beads
Bone disk beads
Black & white glass leaves
Red glass disks
Vintage (70's) silver filigree cylinder bead
Copper front closure
Flying bird chain
Metal chain
Black satin ribbon ribbon
Porcelain, glass & vintage ceramic
Metal finding

Milagro means "miracle" in Spanish.


Crystal Escobar said...

oh wow, you are so talented. I love that necklace.
I followed you over here from Lady Bloggers Society. Thought I'd pop in and say hi. Always nice to meet other fellow bloggers.
Now following you, so I'll be back!
Have a great day!

Unknown Mami said...

Very nice.

samsstuff said...

Thank you Crystal & Unknown (makes me smile just to say that).

jewelknits said...

I SO want to be that kind of crafty! Alas, it may never be! But that's a gorgeous necklace!

Happy SITS Saturday!

Alex Johnson said...

Hey there!

Love the jewelry. You clearly have a gift for this. Thanks for joining my blog. :)

samsstuff said...

Thank you Jewelknits, with a name like that, though it sounds like you do pretty well creating with knitting, though.

Thanks Alex, I love the reviews on your site. I watch almost all of these shows (so sad about Heroes) & have seen many of these films.

Mary Catherine said...

Wow, those are so BEAUTIFUL!

I am so glad I stopped over from SITS!

MsBabyPlan said...

Hello from Lady Society. Hope your day is good.

Me, Myself and Pie said...

Very beautiful piece! I love how unique it looks and how it's not the same on both sides. Very cool.