Monday, February 22, 2010

Short Story #4

Not much is going on right now, so I drift back to past memories. I wonder what has happened to people out of my past. What became of them? How have they changed as people? Inside & out.
Donna was my best friend in Junior High. She was two years older than I was & quite a bit thinner, skinny even. She's probably become a model or at least, as they say, looks like one, while I feel fatter every year. One of her ambitions was to become a model, mine too. I'm too old & fat now, too fat for modeling, anyway, something that's not hard to do. Models are not exactly the norm, when it comes to weight & size. I suppose that if I wanted to suffer enough, I could do something about the fat part. Not much can be done about the old part.
I'm at an age now where a lot of careers are out. I could no longer be a ballerina, for instance, something that I wanted to be when I was about 10 (also too old to be a ballerina, to be honest).
Another of Donna's ambitions was to drive a race car. I don't know if she ever did something along those lines, though one of her brother's may have: a famous driver, with the same last name, was in the news, a while back, after a bad wreck on the track. It would be interesting to find that he was one of her brothers, she had four: Danny, Paul, David & an older brother that I rarely saw, who's name I don't remember.
Donna & I went a lot of places together, as many places as two kids could go, when neither one is old enough to drive. We lived next door to each other & would often walk together to our brother's baseball games or to the BX (base exchange, we lived on an Air Force Base) to shop. We where quite fashion conscious, even at our young ages &  would often make little booklets of the latest styles in clothing, hair & make up (even though neither of us actually wore make up) that where cut from the latest British & American magazines. Her mother was British & this is where, I suppose, we got the magazines, I don't remember anymore. The walks that we took where long. It was quite a distance from the housing area to the BX & I would always forget  just how far we needed to walk, until we where already about halfway to our goal. Sometimes we could get one of our mother's to drive us, but usually, as we where often reminded, they had other things to do...
We eventually moved apart, as kids whose parents are in the Air Force do.I wonder where she is now. SAM

W hat kinds of things did you & your friends want to do, when you where young? Did you get to do any of them? Did they? Do you know where they are now?


Lita C. Malicdem said...

As kids, my friends and I had high falutin dreams. Many didn't make it, some were only half-way to their dreams, few have made it, though. I wanted but few things in life, to have a family of my own and I did! To have a successful career and I became a teacher.

You had a wonderful life, as a kid. Hope you'll find your best friend Donna in good shape, too.

Christina Lee said...

what a nice memory that is! I often think of people I've lost touch with and wonder what we'd do if we were friends now..

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Just stopping by to thank you for visiting me on my SITS day and leaving some blog love!


Elizabeth Patch said...

thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on my SITS day! we moved around so much as kids too, so my "oldest" friends are the ones I met in college. Maybe you can find Donna on Facebook!

samsstuff said...

Thanks everyone!
I actually have found many of my old friends on Facebook & it's great reuniting with them & seeing what they've been up to. I even saw someone who might be my friend from this post, but I'm afraid to ask her, on case it's not her. Maybe I will sometime.