Saturday, February 6, 2010

For My Beautiful Grandma...

These are images of my grandmother & some of the things that she made. There is a newspaper clipping of her working in a salon, with the title "Beauty is an Art...," one of her in Beauty School (she is on the bottom row, third from the right) & one of her in her own shop (that she had for awhile, in Illinois). There is a detail of a blanket she made, I believe in the 70's. She made several of these, twin size, to fit her bed. My grandfather passed away in 1969 & she never remarried, sometimes living with us & sometimes with my great grandfather, who survived her by a number of years. Lastly, I have some detail shots of some of the clothes that she made, all of which had great details that you rarely see now. She taught me a great deal about art & craft. I thought I'd share these with you...

Just a short & unrelated note for anyone who is a Mom who also has a business, check out Momprenuer Monday. It is a group of links of Mom businesses that is free. I'm a little late posting this today, but I hope to continue this every Monday. The rules are that you can post your link if you visit the links of the other businesses & put a link & a badge on your blog. Support Moms & visit Momprenuers! I am participating through "The Attic Girl," a fun little blog, check it out sometime! Here is the link:

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Debbie in Nashville said...

Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway! I think you might enjoy being a part of this too!

Check it out, I think you still have until tonight to do a post and e-mail her the link to be added to the list.

I think you will find some very creative people's blogs too, my favorite part!!

Shelly said...


Yes, you add your business link on the linky. You could also leave your blog link if you wish. Above the links, it says "want to be a part of this blog hop" there is a link to get the code. Copy and paste that code into a blog post and then copy and paste the code for our button as well with a little introduction about the blog hop.

Thanks for participating!