Monday, November 2, 2009

Dia de los Muertas

So, in honor of Dia de los Muertas, I've decided to post a couple of images of the the past, towns & civilizations that no longer exist.
The first is Montezuma Castle in Arizona, once populated by a people that disappeared long before there was a United States.
The second is Jerome, Arizona, a ghost town. It is now a tourist spot, but was an actual ghost town for many years before being repopulated & reinvented for tourists.Enjoy & take a moment to remember & celebrate all those without whom our current civilization would not exist. SAM


M said...

Wow, I love looking back and seeing what was before. Great post. I am going to explore your blog further, Sitsa!

mimilove forever said...

Wow Montezuma Castle is incredible! Thoughtful post too x:)

Live.Love.Eat said...

Those are incredible! The 1st one reminds me of a place that is actually open to guests where they have a B&B. People have to climb down so far without much in order to stay in place without water. Definitely an adventure.

Thanks so much for sharing in my SITS day last week.