Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Short story by SAM

So today, since I'm tired & I need rest, I'm going post a "story"that I wrote. It's based on real life experiences & is basically "free writing," so unedited. Enjoy:


He's back again. The Coca Cola Kid just went in for his first Coke of the day. I wonder what he'll do today. There's no wall to lean against, as is his habit. He is always dressed the same, no matter what the weather. Like a character in a Moebius strip, all we see is a bit of his face under the blue hood of his big, blue down coat & above the blue collar that extends up to his chin. The coat is always buttoned to the very top & the hands are always covered with blue gloves. Contact with the outside world, the world outside his man-made shell, is limited to the face, which is averted whenever confrontation is iminent. Each day this cartoon boy, partly real, partly my own invention (as he is a stranger), drinks a full six pack of Coke, one can at a time, without stopping to swallow, as little contact between him & the soda/poison as possible. The whole process is mechanical & takes less than ten minutes to accomplish, even when taking into consideration that the boy must stop to pay for each of six cans separately. He leaves & I am left to ponder what motivates a person to dress so inhumanly & consume massive quantities of caffeine, like a ship consuming fuel. In the end, perhaps, it is not so odd, his behavior. The customers that frequent our little caffeine manufacturing spot have been known to stop by three & four times a day, sometimes stacked like robots waiting for a fix to make it through the day ahead. Not all of them dress appropriately for the weather & yet they are deemed normal. What makes this ice blue robot boy, this monochrome cartoon of a boy, different after all?

What do you think?
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