Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another short "story"...

Here's another short story, free writing exercise, basically unedited, enjoy:


It’s so strange, to see him today. Completely transformed & totally out of character. At least out of the character that I, a complete stranger, thought was his. Today he is neatly dressed in a business suit, trailing two small children & a wife. He has removed a bunch of flowers from the bag in the bed of the truck & has placed them in the passenger compartment, where his family will soon be sitting. What a contrast to the way he normally presents himself to the public; a slovenly man in dirty t-shirt & baggy, over-sized (even for a man as large as he is), dirty pants that expose his over-sized belly & his over-sized rear-end. Normally his truck is parked directly in front of our business , motor running,(or trying to run), almost gasping for breath, as he runs into the store for another quart of oil, to keep it moving for another day. Today, his truck is quietly waiting in the parking lot to take the family to some unknown destination. Usually his face is twisted in a scowl, angry, almost like an unanswered dare to anyone who would attempt to speak to him, an angry bear in the wild. Today his face is almost soft & gentle, like a bear playing in a zoo. I'm not sure what to make of this stranger's transformation, except to say that 'normality' often depends on situation. Maybe this unusual side of the strange man is more 'normal' than what I usually see.


Julia said...

happy SITS sharefest saturday!!

Anonymous said...

This is intriguing, and I think it's pretty cool I came across your short story since I, too, am writing a story (though it's a novel type) about a young married couple who are often misjudged by their community. Good work. :)

Visiting from SITS,